Big Grants Scheme

Our BIG Grants Scheme is aimed at funding community projects or activities, especially new or innovative projects, that require a grant of £501 or more and that work towards improving the Three Parishes Big Local Community, achieving our Community Aspirations.  The typical maximum grant value is £5,000 although we would consider supporting higher value projects that make a significant contribution to the Community.

You can find out more about our Community Aspirations on the Community Plan page.

The Three Parishes Big Local BIG Grants Scheme is open to individuals and new and established community organisations based within the area. Applications from organisations outside the area need to clearly demonstrate how the funding will benefit the Three Parishes Big Local area.  The BIG Grants Scheme can support a wide range of projects and activities.

Click here for a copy of the Big Grants Scheme Expression of Interest Form or our Frequently Asked Questions.

Future projects

We are currently working with a number of groups on ideas that might be funded using our Big Grants Scheme. These ideas include projects that could:

  • Raise aspirations of children & young people
  • Retain services in our local area, and
  • Further develop a local group that supports men of all ages, but particularly the Over 50s.
Projects that we have funded

Community Car for the local Community First Responders

Our local Community First Responders, based in St Martins, are volunteers who are trained to attend emergency calls received by the ambulance service and to provide care until the ambulance service arrives. In our rural communities, this service makes a difference to the response time and is viewed as extremely valuable. A reliable car is essential for this service so the CFRs approached Three Parishes Big Local when it was time to replace the vehicle that they were using. The Partnership awarded £5,000 which was used towards the cost of the new car

Wheels 2 work

Wheels 2 Work, an initiative managed by Shropshire Rural Communities Charity, has been awarded £6,800 for an 18 month project aimed at helping people get into or keep work by solving their transport problems.

Wheels 2 Work started life in 1997 to help people in Shropshire find affordable & flexible transport to work, particularly young people looking for work for the first time, those returning to work after a long period, or working for a low wage. Wheels 2 Work started loaning out mopeds and quickly grew in size and scope, inspiring schemes nationwide. They currently offer low cost scooter, electric bike or push bike loans along with transport advice and support with car maintenance to help people find or keep employment.

The 18 month projects that Three Parishes Big Local has funded will enable Wheels 2 Work to provide intensive support to residents of the Three Parishes Big Local area. More information about the scheme and how to apply is available on the Shropshire RCC website or by telephoning 01743 360641.

Everyday first aid at home

First aid is a vital skill and can save lives. The Partnership has funded free Everyday First Aid courses for local residents. In 2015, 24 people took part in these courses run in each village and the feedback that we received from them was overwhelmingly positive:

“This training has helped me build confidence in my ability for deal with an emergency”

“I’ve learnt something useful and important”

“I have massively enjoyed myself”

This First Aid training programme is ongoing and we will be arranging further courses in the future. We would also be interested in hearing from anyone who would like to attend the training, or any community groups that would like this training for their group.

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